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46% of Americans have been affected by credit fraud.


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Detect to protect.

Use deScamer to protect yourself from credit card fraud. Our portable fob device will detect credit card skimmers at gas stations, hidden bluetooth cameras in public restrooms or hotels as well as any other illicit bluetooth signals anywhere you go.


How our device works.

Our first product, the dScmr, was developed to identify NFC/Bluetooth-enabled credit card skimming devices within a 30-ft radius of the user. It is a physical device that, when activated, can scan your immediate surroundings and identify signals emitted by credit card skimming devices. If no skimming devices are detected, it will signal green. If a device is detected, it will signal red.


Feel safer at gas stations and ATMs with deScamer.


"Skimming is still alive and well."

— ABC News (Dateline)

Safeguard your privacy at hotels and in restrooms.


Detect hidden Bluetooth cameras.

Data from hidden cameras planted in hotel rooms and public restrooms are often transmitted through Bluetooth. Our dScmr can detect the illicit Bluetooth signals so you can protect your privacy before it’s too late.

Use it everywhere you go, locally or when you’re traveling, whether for business or pleasure. Don’t let crooks violate your right to privacy. Get our dScmr for yourself and all of your loved ones.